I have created this page so that you have some assistance in choosing a reading or a healing session.  Below is also some information on crystals, which will help you to decide which crystal will be most suitable for you and your needs.  If you do not find the information you require here, please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be happy to help!


Choosing a Reading


Angel Readings

These have much guidance, comfort and reassurance.  They will be able to answer specific questions or look into general areas.  I do recommend however for you to ask one or more questions as then this will give you a more specific reading - remember a general reading will give general information.

Angel Messages - with this reading I will receive messages for you as they are revealed to me by your angels; these messages are not edited and I write them down as they come to me, so sometimes they may not be fluent in conversation or they may 'jump' from one topic to the next.  You may also receive a message that is not completely relevant to the present - do not worry as the message will make more sense as time develops.  This reading will also reveal the angels that are working with you - their names and their purpose and the areas that they are helping you with.  The time span of this reading is from the near future up to six months, however some information for the long term future will also be revealed.

I am also able to receive a message from the spirit for you; if you specify a spirit you wish to contact, I will do my best to do so, however please know that this is not always possible - it is not like making a phone call!  Sometimes the connection is weak or the communication does not come through - it does not mean that the spirit does not want to pass you a message or does not want to make contact.  I often receive messages from Spirit Guides - when I do I can often receive clear names from them. 

Angel Reading - I read Angel Oracle cards with the same technique used to read traditional tarot cards.  I receive guidance and answers to specific questions with this reading also, so you may ask some questions if you wish.  Again I will include the names and purposes of your angels and the areas that they are currently assisting you with.  The time span of this reading is also up to six months - so information for the near future will come up.  At times longer term future information will also be revealed. 

I would recommend this reading if you do not like to use Tarot cards and/or if you would like Angelic guidance.


Tarot Readings

Calendar Reading - This is a good reading for timing - so if you have a 'when' question, this reading would be suitable.  This reading is also suitable if you wish to look into the development of an area or a situation, such as work or property; it will cover a twelve month period.

Celtic Cross Reading - If you are looking for a traditional tarot reading, it will not get more traditional than this one!  This is an excellent reading for looking into a specific area or question, although it can look into general areas also.  I would recommend this reading if you would like some precise information.

Egyptian Reading - This is an intensive reading as it consists of two spreads and looks into the different sides of the being - what makes you who you are and how you are 'built' in character.  This will help to give you guidance and direction as to what areas need work and what areas hold your abilities and qualities.  The second spread can answer a specific question or look into general areas.  This reading is ideal for career direction!


Healing Sessions


When choosing a healing session, you should consider what you would like the session for - so this would reflect in the time that is needed for the session.  For example, if you would like some general relaxation after a busy day or week, and need a quick boost of energy and help in releasing stress, then a 15/ 30 minute session would be adequate.  If however you would like a more intensive session which would focus on several areas or one specific area which needs much healing, then I would recommend a 45/ 60 minute session.

The frequency of session will also depend on you.  Regular healing sessions would make a great addition to and will enhance your lifestyle and being.  Weekly sessions are fantastic for those with busy or demanding lives or those who have difficulties which are intense and need healing.  Having two short sessions a week will also be extremely beneficial, as this would give regular bursts of healing energy and will bring you great support with any given area.  On the other hand, a 60 minute session once a month will also bring you much relaxation and will help you overcome challenges that you may be experiencing. 

Healing is an alternative therapy and is complimentary to other therapies, so you need to bear this in mind as it is not a 'cure' although miracles have taken place through healing work.  Often more than one session is needed to help bring noticeable results, even though I have had clients reporting great improvement after only one session. 

Below are some examples of areas which you may wish to receive healing for:

  • Stress/ Tension/ Worry

  • Fear/ Anxiety/ Phobias/ Panic Attacks

  • Relaxation/ Rejuvenation/ Energy Boosting

  • Confidence/ Trust/ Perception

  • Physical Health/ Illnesses/ Virus/ Disease

  • Weight-Loss

  • Stop Smoking

  • Addictions

  • Life Foundations - Work/ Career/ Finances/ Family

  • Relationships/ Marriage

  • Children/ Pregnancy/ Childbirth

  • Life Path/ Purpose

  • Intuition and Psychic/ Spiritual Development

  • Past Lives

  • Pets/ Animals

  • ......And much more!

If you are unsure of the healing session you wish to have, please contact me and I will help you choose one that would be most suitable for you and your needs.


Choosing an Energized Crystal


All living organism have vibrational energy systems which include ‘Chakras’ – energy vortexes/ electromagnetic fields around the body known as auras, subtle bodies and meridians.  By using crystals and their natural vibrations you can tune in to an energy system and rebalance energies, improving well-being on all levels of your being – from mind and body to the spirit and the higher self.  A crystal’s vibrations can be used to move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body, helping the body to aid itself and enhance its natural abilities.  The strength and the vibrations of each crystal or rock depends on its properties, composition and colour, so an energized crystal that works with your natural vibrations will be much more powerful and better in tune with your energy system.  The earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt. The Ebers papyrus states the medicinal uses of many different gems. Healing with crystals is also recorded in India's Ayurvedic records and in traditional Chinese medicine from around five thousand years ago!

I can energize and personalize a crystal to work in tune with your energy vibration and needs.  This is done through meditation, prayer and healing techniques.  Below is a list some crystals and their uses.

Rose Quartz

Used during healing, meditations and dowsing, this stone has many uses including:

  • Re-igniting Love, Passion and Romance within your life, a love relationship and in particular marriage – placing the crystal under the pillow will encourage a new love relationship or the rekindling of passion
  • Helps the user to feel a strong sense of self worth and self love which will enhance the confidence and the individual’s perception towards themselves
  • This is also the crystal of Beauty - helps as a rejuvenator to the skin due to its vibrations and levels of energy.  It is said that ancient Egyptian women washed their faces in water charged by a rose quartz as they believed it helped fade winkles and keep the skin youthful!  Therefore being the gem of youth this would be the perfect crystal for a young person
  • Brings Clarity and Calm which helps to restore the mind and spirit after a demanding or chaotic situation
  • Its vibrations helps with Spiritual Attunement to the Universal Love energies
  • Balancing of yin-yang (male/female) energy, and can attune and provide each Chakra with the proper energetic frequency  vibration
  • Effective in the treatment of conditions relating to the emotional body - balancing the love emotions of the upper four Chakras - heart, throat, brow and crown Chakras.  Rose quartz can act as a rejuvenating agent for both the physical body as well as the emotions.  It is an excellent energy for healing emotional blockage
  • Can be used to enable the opening of the heart centre, allowing for the dissolution of stress and tension.  Placed upon the heart chakra, it can release pain and can stimulate the proper functioning of the heart.

Placement of rose quartz crystals in one's environment and or wearing  or carrying the crystal all stimulate the universal true life force - LOVE.

Clear/ Rock Quartz

This is the best known versatile multi-purpose quartz; it is used for general toning and healing as well as acting as a medium during meditation for communication with all levels of spiritual or astral life.  It can also be a great benefit in speeding up healing abilities.  With its natural protective properties, this is a must have quartz in releasing negative energies.

Used during healing, meditations, mediumship and dowsing, this stone has many uses including:

  •  Increases focus and clarity during healing, meditations, mediumship and dowsing

  • Enhances your natural psychic/ healing abilities

  • Harmonizing effect where it helps to restore the body’s natural vibrations and energy levels

  • Unblocks blocked energy

  • Helps to release the past and negative associations to the past

  • Can be used during meditations and visualization to amplify intent and help you to focus on your goals and ambitions

  • Reduces tension and stress from the body, mind and spirit

  • Stimulates the metabolism and re-energizes your natural energies

Placed near your computer or other electrical items, it can reduce radiation and negative energy that is released from electricity.



Known as the spiritual stone, used for healing, meditation, dowsing and psychic development, Amethyst is a must for those wishing to develop their psychic abilities and enhance their gifts as it opens and activates the Crown Chakra/ The Higher Self/ The Third Eye.  This stone increases your spiritual awareness and encourages a clearer communication to your spirit guides as well as all astral life. 

This stone has many uses, including:

  • It promotes intuitive dreams when placed under the pillow – helps insomnia, nightmares and restlessness during sleep

  • Calming affect – especially during meditation as it ‘silences’ mental ‘chatter’!

  •  Relieves tension and pain generally

  • Protection from mental and physical harm

  • Used during channelling and clairvoyance, it brings you clarity and better communication

  • Encourages a better relationship with the paternal and the masculine – such as your father

  •  Gives strong emotional support during difficult times or times which are demanding and needing much decision-making

Amethyst is naturally relaxing and calming in nature.  Placing it on the area of pain also helps the blocked energy to open and release the discomfort.



(I will be adding more info to this page soon....)




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