If you would like a lot of guidance, then why not receive it directly from the Angels who are working with you?  In this reading you will be able to receive messages directly in the words of the angels who are working with you - no message has been altered or edited, as I write them down exactly as I receive the communication.

This Reading consists of the following:

  • The names of your Angels and their purpose; the areas that they are currently working on

  • The name and purpose of your Guardian Angel; the areas your guardian is currently helping you with

  • An Angel message about Love, Romance, Soul Mate, Relationships

  • An Angel message about your Life Purpose, Work, Career

  • An Angel message about your Finances

  • A message about Healing and your Health

  • An Angel message through the Angels from the Spirit World (this is optional, please specify if you would not like this message when you make your payment, otherwise it will be included). Please also bear in mind that I will not always receive a message from a specific spirit that you may wish to contact, however I will do my best to communicate with them. Often I receive a message from your Spirit Guide!

  • A specific message from Your Angels

  • A message about what the near future is holding for you

  • A summary of your Reading 

  • 10 Minutes Distance Healing

     Booking Fee: 26.00








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