The Tarot is far and away the most popular tool for spiritual introspection in the West. It is an ancient tool that has been used all over the world to predict the future and the outcome of specific situations. Tarot readings can be remarkably precise and detailed.

I use traditional cards, as I find that many people are familiar with them and that they are extremely accurate through detail. I use them as a divination tool that allows me to receive clear messages regarding the future from the Heavens. My cards have been used for many years, and they are infused with the energy of Divine Light and pure Love. Before every reading I take 30 minutes to 'prepare' and 'Tune-in' to give a precise reading. So please rest assured that this reading is safe, positive and amazingly accurate.  I also use my Psychic abilities during the reading which allows me to give far more detail and guidance.

Following the completion of each Tarot Reading I will send you complimentary Distance Healing for 10 minutes.

I offer different Tarot Readings.  Please see below for further details and to book your reading.  For advice on choosing a reading please visit the Advice page.



Celtic Cross Reading  more info...  

Booking Fee: 25.00




Calendar Reading  more info...  

Booking Fee: 27.00




Egyptian Tarot Reading  more info...  

Booking Fee: 28.00









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